Support the Movement

Are you excited about the advancement of the dorean principle to the purity of Christian ministry and the glory of God? We'd love it if you would consider the ways you can support the movement.

Prayer: The most important assistance we need is prayer! Please pray that God would bless this ministry to the advancement of his kingdom.

Giving: Both FirstLove Publications and Silicon Valley Reformed Baptist Church are committed to promoting the dorean principle (both the book and the principle itself). Not only are we making printed editions of the book available for free, we are actively looking into other avenues we can use to reach Christians with this important truth—perhaps starting a podcast, a conference, etc. These efforts require time and money, so your financial partnership with either organization would be greatly appreciated.

Give to FirstLove Publications.

Give to Silicon Valley Reformed Baptist Church.

Joining our Facebook group: For now, the Facebook group will be the primary means we will use to answer questions about the dorean principle and to coordinate efforts. If you are on Facebook, please consider joining the group or liking the Facebook page.

Sharing the book: Because the book is freely available, there is little barrier to sharing it. Just link people to this website!